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Sourcing On-Demand takes the pain out of recruiting tech talents by providing a fast and affordable service that helps organisations save hours screening through dozens of resumes.

Think of us as your affordable extended sourcing team. Our talent managers will search, call, qualify and shortlist the best candidates and get them ready for you to interview. 


With years of experience sourcing technology professionals, we're considered to be client partners and have helped many of our customers find and engage the best talents in the IT industry. Our strength lies within our strong network and our creative approach to reach out to the most suitable talents with the right skills, experience and knowledge. 


We do not rely on just advertising, technology or AI. Behind the technology, we have sourcing experts who are dedicated to finding the most suitable talents including passive candidates for your vacancies.


Once the candidates have been screened, we'll shortlist the most suitable ones for your vacancy and email you their resumes. We'll also send you their contact details along with the sourcing managers notes and feedback.


Our talent sourcing managers call and qualify every candidate before they are shortlisted for your vacancy. Apart from the candidate's skills and experience, they confirm a number of other details that you would not find on their resume's. 


You're in charge now. All you have to do is review the shortlisted profiles you receive from us and select which ones you want to interview. Whether you interview and hire one candidate or all of them, it's totally up to you.

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Programming Tests

Pre-employment tests save you time so you can focus on interviewing the most skilled candidates. Programming tests focuses on a developer's ability to create solutions, implement new functionality, analyse code or fix bugs.


Request shortlisted candidates to go through the test(s) and measure the accuracy and quality of candidates' answers.

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Recruitment Support

Our Recruitment On-Demand service gives you end to end recruitment and talent management support on flexible pay as you go plans.

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