Skills of the Future 🚀

Our life has been inundated with technology and automation seems to be taking over every industry.

Technology has definitely been and will continue to be influential in various aspects of human life but the skills of the future are not going to be technical skills.

It's going to be People Skills / Social Skills / Soft Skills such as Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Complex problem solving skills, Critical thinking, People management skills etc.

From our personal experience within the recruitment industry, although we used a number of technologies to find the right talent, it's the People Skills that mattered most.

It helped us engage candidates better and understand their level of intelligence, their personality, their problem solving skills, their communication skills, their management skills etc. all beyond just their technical capabilities.

This helped us build better relationship with candidates and eventually lead to building long term successful business relationship with our clients.

👉 What do you think the Skills of the Future are going to be?

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