#1 Challenge Hiring Manager & Recruiters Face

In the past few weeks we have been doing some research and have had interesting conversations with numerous HR leaders and Recruitment experts.

Majority of them said that Finding and Screening talents (candidates) is still one the most challenging and time consuming activity for their team.

Also job seekers (applicants) being "ghosted" due to high number of applications or unsuitability for the role has a deep negative impact on their organisation's brand name.

Not surprisingly, candidates say that "Not getting an update or receiving automated rejection emails a few days (sometimes even weeks) after their application is very "disappointing" and they develop a "gloomy" perception of the organisation.

Some organisations we spoke to are already spending (hundreds of) thousands of dollars in upgrading/implementing latest HR technologies that can help increase talent engagement and also get better visibility of their workforce capabilities.

For other businesses, the high cost of implementing a dedicated or specialised HR/TA solution (not on CEO/CFO's priority list), technical challenges or lack of other sustainable options means they have a competitive disadvantage when it comes to attracting, engaging and hiring the best talents.

We feel that HR/Recruitment should be a priority for businesses - as it helps them nurture their existing employees as well as attract the best talents for the future.

The war for talent is real.

With the help of innovative technologies around us, we can (and should) be doing a much better job with talent engagement.

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