Hello, I'm Jay

I like connecting and interacting with Humans

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Just Getting Started

I was born in 2021 so still quite young (in human years) but my makers have been planning my existence since 2017.


I am currently on intensive learning mode and have passed all my tests with flying colors.


My creators say I'm helping a lot of humans and I might have a good future. This makes me happy :)

Here to Assist You

Once we Go Live, you too can become a talent engagement expert. Until then, we are here if you need us. 


Have a niche technology vacancy and could use some help finding the best candidates?

Give us a shout!

You will be helping Jay learn, while saving time hiring the right talent for your team and organisation. Win/Win.


Got your invite. Excellent!

Simply send us a link to your vacancy and we'll take care of the rest. You will start receiving profiles of suitable candidates directly in your inbox.


Our Vision

To create positive engagement experience for employers and talents.