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How many qualified candidates do you send?

We send you a shortlist of minimum 3 candidates qualified to your requirements within 48 hours. If we find more candidates who may be suitable for the role, we send them across as well at no additional fees. If your requirement is niche and we need some more time to source suitable candidates, we'll let you know in advance.

What if the candidates you send us are not suitable for our vacancy?

We discuss your requirements thoroughly before working on the vacancy and we qualify candidates according to your brief. However, if you feel that we missed the mark and the candidates we forwarded do not match your requirements at all, let us know where we went wrong and we'll be happy to send you a better shortlist without any additional cost.

Do you also set up interviews and follow up with candidates for us?

No. We simply send you a shortlist of suitable candidates along with the sourcing managers notes. Once you receive a shortlist from us, it's then up to you to follow up with the candidates, set up meetings or organise interviews etc.

When do we have to pay the fees?

We send you an invoice within 7 days after submitting the shortlisted candidates.

Do we have to pay any additional fees if we hire the candidates you sent?

No. You do not have to pay any additional fees. It's totally up to you whether you hire one candidate or all of them from the shortlist we send you.

What other information do you send us about the candidates?

Along with the candidates resume, email address, phone number etc. we also send you the sourcing manager's notes and feedback. Here's an example of what the sourcing managers note looks like: Candidate is an Australian permanent resident. Has excellent communication skills. Looking for an opportunity to work on exciting projects / new technologies. Also looking for a better salary. Prefers permanent role. Currently on 4 weeks notice. Looking for about $120k plus Super. Negotiable. Lives in Sydney. Open to relocation for a good opportunity. Currently not interviewing anywhere. Hasn't been actively seeking new jobs.

Do we still need to pay if we do not hire anyone from the shortlist?

Yes. You would still be required to pay the service fee after we've sent you the shortlist. Our talent sourcing managers spend a lot of time and effort qualifying suitable candidates for your vacancy and we reward them for their efforts.

How do you find candidates?

Our best source of candidates come from our strong network of technology professionals. We also get a lot of referrals and use creative ways to reach out to passive candidates. We do not rely on just advertising, technology or AI. Behind the technology, we have talent sourcing experts who are dedicated to finding the most suitable candidates for your vacancies.

Why Sourcing On-Demand?

Since inception our focus has been delivering cost effective, sustainable and successful talent engagement solution for our clients, without compromising on quality and delivery. Sourcing On-Demand offers an affordable solution primarily for SMEs who don't have the time to screen through dozens of resume and are not be able to engage external recruitment agencies due to higher fees. They simply use our service and get a shortlist of suitable candidates in their inbox. Easy.

What areas / industry do you source candidates for?

Information Technology. That's all we do. We've been in this industry for over 15 years and know where and how to find the best tech professionals. We source candidates within the following technology verticles: ERP, CRM, On-Premises and Cloud Infrastructure, Digital and Software Development.

We already have some resumes. Can you screen them for us?

Sure. We're here to help you save time. Please feel free to send us the resumes and we will screen, qualify and shortlist suitable candidates for your vacancy.

I have some more questions.

We'll be happy to answer them. Please feel free to give us a call on 02 8880 5105.

What if the candidate(s) you send us had previously applied to our vacancy?

Chances are either you did not screen them or the candidate(s) did not meet your hiring criteria at the time. Our sourcing managers screen candidates according your current requirements. So we may still shortlist the candidate(s) if we feel they might be suitable for your current vacancy.

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