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Find answers to some of the most common queries we receive regarding our services and engagement models.

Quick FAQ's

Talent Management: Do you also set up interviews and follow up with candidates for us?

Yes. Your dedicated recruitment manager will follow up with candidates, set up interviews, negotiate contracts & offers on your behalf and even help you successfully onboard candidates.

Talent Management: Do we have to pay any additional fees if we hire the candidates you sent?

No. You do not have to pay any additional fees. It's totally up to you whether you hire one candidate or all of them.

Recruitment On-Demand: What if the candidates you send us are already on our database?

Our goal is to help you find and engage the most suitable candidate for your vacancy. If you already have the candidate in your database, we can either help you screen them for the vacancy or we're happy to search for other suitable candidates.

General: How do you find candidates?

We do not rely on just advertising, technology or AI. Behind the technology, we have talent sourcing experts who are dedicated to finding the most suitable candidates for your vacancies. Our best source of candidates come from our strong network of technology professionals. We also get a lot of referrals and use creative ways to continuously reach out to passive candidates.

Recruitment On-Demand: Do you offer a guarantee period?

Yes. We offer 90 days free replacement guarantee for all permanent placements.

Talent Management: We have some resumes. Can you screen them for us?

Sure. We're here to help you save time. Please feel free to send us the resumes and we will screen, qualify and shortlist suitable candidates for your vacancy.

I have some more questions.

We'll be happy to answer them. Please feel free to give us a call on 02 8880 5105.

Recruitment On-Demand: What happens if we fill the vacancy internally or through other sources?

Simply let us know that you've managed to fill your vacancy and we'll add the vacancy credit back into your account.

Recruitment On-Demand: Does the un-used vacancy credit roll over?

The included vacancy credit is valid for 12 months. Any un-used vacancy credit will expire after the validity period.

General: What are your pricing plans?

We have flexible pricing models according to your business needs. 1. Transparent percentage based on candidates' daily rate designed for engaging highly experienced contractors. 2. Affordable flat fee per vacancy irrespective of the candidates' salary package or seniority level for permanent positions. 3. Cost effective monthly subscription model for ongoing recruitment and talent management support.

Talent On-Demand: How quickly can we engage suitable candidates?

We aim to submit qualified candidates within 48 hours for you to interview. However sometimes it may take a bit longer depending on skills, availability, location etc. We'll keep you informed every step of the way.

Talent On-Demand: What about insurances, payroll tax etc?

Our hourly or daily rates are inclusive of all insurances and payroll tax.

Talent Management: Is there a limit on the number of vacancies we can give?

No. With the Talent Management service you get your dedidated full time sourcing manager. He/she is an extended part of your team and will be happy to help you with any vacancies you may have just like your internal on-site team member.

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